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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-04Barriers influencing linkage to hypertension care in Kenya: Qualitative analysis from the LARK hypertension studyNaanyu, Violet; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; Rotich, Jackson K.; Lagat, Kennedy K.; Kiptoo, Peninah; Kofler, Claire; Mutai, Kennedy K.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Menya, Diana; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Fuster, Valentin; Horowitz, Carol R.; Inui, Thomas S.
2016Identifying common barriers and facilitators to linkage and retention in chronic disease care in western KenyaNaanyu, Violet; Wachira, Juddy; Koech, Beatrice; Kamene, Regina; Akinyi, Jackie; Paula, Braitstein
2016Barriers Influencing Linkage to Hypertension Care in Kenya: Qualitative Analysis from the LARK Hypertension StudyNaanyu, Violet; Kamano, JemimaH.; Mutai, Kennedy K.; Kimaiyo, Sylvester
2016Barriers and facilitators to nurse management of hypertension : A qualitative analysis from Western K enyaRajesh, Vedantha; Tuikong, Nelly; Kamano, Jemima H.; Naanyu, Violet; Kimaiyo, Sylvester
2022-03-07Network characteristics of a referral system for patients with hypertension in Western Kenya: results from the strengthening Referral networks for management of Hypertension across the health system (STRENGTHS) studyThakkar, Aarti; Valente, Thomas; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Miheso, Juliet; Merce, Tim; Mugo, Richard; Mwangi, Ann; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Eunice; Pathak, Shravani; Pillsbury, Mc Kinsey M; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet; Williams, Makeda; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Akwanalo, Constantine; Bloomfeld, Gerald S
2021-09-03Human-centered implementation research: A new approach to develop and evaluate implementation strategies for strengthening Referral networks for hypertension in western KenyaPillsbury, McKinsey M; Mwangi, Eunice; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Bloom, Gerald S; Chepchumba, Agneta; Kamano, Jemima; Mercer, Tim; Miheso, Juliet; Pastakia, Sonak D; Pathak, Shravani; Thakkar, Aarti; Naanyu, Violet; Akwanalo, Constantine; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2019-06Strategies for effective stakeholder engagement in strengthening Referral networks for management of hypertension across health systems in KenyaAkwanalo, Constantine; Njuguna, Benson; Mercer, Tim; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Ann; Dick, Jonathan; Dickhaus, Julia; Andesia, Josephine; Bloomfield, Gerald S; Valente, Thomas; Kibachio, Joseph; Pillsbury, Max; Shravani, Pathak; Thakaa, Aarti; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet
2021-06-22Maintaining care delivery for non-communicable diseases in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in western KenyaKamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet; Ayah, Richard; Limo, Obed; Gathecha, Gladwell; Saenyi, Eugene; Jefwa, Pendo; Too, Kenneth; Manji, Imran; Gala, Pooja; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2021-04-27Group medical visit and microfinance intervention for patients with diabetes or hypertension in KenyaVedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; Chrysanthopoulou, Stavroula A.; Mugo, Richard; Andama, Benjamin; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Chesoli, Cleophas W.; DeLong, Allison K.; Edelman, David; Finkelstein, Eric A.; Horowitz, Carol R.; Manyara, Simon; Menya, Diana; Naanyu, Violet; Orango, Vitalis; Pastakia, Sonak D.; Valente, Thomas W.; Hogan, Joseph W.; Fuster, Valentin
2021-07Egocentric social network characteristics and cardiovascular risk among patients with hypertension or diabetes in western Kenya: a cross-sectional analysis from the BIGPIC triaNaanyu, Violet; Orango, Vitalis; Kiptoo, Peninah; Matelong, Winnie