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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-05Chronic noncommunicable cardiovascular and pulmonary disease in sub-Saharan Africa: An academic model for countering the epidemicKimaiyo Sylvester; Bloomfield Gerald S; Carter Jane E; Binanay Cynthia; Einterz Robert; Tierney William M; Velazquez Eric J; Corey Ralph
2014-12Management of NCD in Low- and Middle-Income CountriesCheckley William; Hassen Ghannem; Vilma Irazola; Levitt Naomi S; Miranda Jaime; Louis Niessen; Rabadán-Diehl Cristina; Kimaiyo Sylvester; Dorairaj Prabhakaran; Ramirez-Zea Manuel; Adolfo Rubinstein; Sigamani Alben; Smith Richard; Tandon Nikhil; Yangfeng Wu; Xavier Denis; Lijing L.Y
2012Conditions That Predispose to Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Heart Failure in Persons Exposed to Household Air Pollution in LMICKimaiyo Sylvester; Lagat David K; Akwanalo Constantine O.
2014-02Nurse Management of Hypertension in Rural Western Kenya: Implementation Research to Optimize Delivery Author links open overlay panelKimaiyo Sylvester; Kamano Jemima
2007-12-01Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)—Plus: Next Steps to Enhance HAART in Resource-Limited AreasKimaiyo Sylvester
2008-11Prevalence of Drug Interactions Between Antiretroviral and Co - administered Drugs in KenyaKimaiyo Sylvester; Kigen Gabriel; Owen Andrew; Back David; Sara Gibbons; Khoo Saye H
2014-05-22Blood pressure level impacts risk of death among HIV seropositive adults in Kenya: a retrospective analysis of electronic health recordsKimaiyo Sylvester; Bloomfield Gerald S; Hogan Joseph W; Keter Alfred; Holland Thomas L; Sang Edwin; Velazquez Eric J
2014-06Factors Associated With Isolated Right Heart Failure in Women: A Pilot Study From Western KenyaKimaiyo Sylvester; Lagat David K; Delong Allison K; Wellenius Gregory A; Carter Jane E; Bloomfield Gerald S; Velazquez Eric J; Hogan Joseph W; Sherman Charles B
2016-12Evaluating strategies to improve HIV care outcomes in Kenya: a modelling studyKimaiyo Sylvester; Sang Edwin; Nyambura Monicah
2011-09-28Trends in the clinical characteristics of HIV-infected patients initiating antiretroviral therapy in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania between 2002 and 2009Kimaiyo Sylvester; Kara K Wools-Kaloustian; Yiannoutsos Constantin T; Paula Braitstein; Geng Elvin H ; Hunt Peter W; Lameck Diero; Somi Geofrey R ; Bangsberg David R ; Bwana Mwebesa B; Cohen Craig R ; Otieno Juliana A ; Wabwire Deo ; Elul Batya ; Nash Denis ; Easterbrook Philippa J ; Musick Beverly; Martin Jeffrey N