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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Performance of neural network algorithms during the prediction of yarn breaking elongationMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Huang, XiuBao; Wang, XinHou
2013The comfort dimension; a review of perception in clothingKamalha, Edwin; Zeng, Yongchun; Mwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Kyatuheire, Salome
2012The use of hybrid algorithms to improve the performance of yarn parameters prediction modelsMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Huang, XiuBao; Wang, XinHou
2016The use of extreme learning machines (ELM) algorithms to prediction strength for cotton ring spun yarnMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa
2017Tearing strength of hydroentangled non-woven fabricsMbwana, Suleiman Ndaro; Mwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Wangatia, Lodrick Makokha
2007The use of k-means and kohonen self organizing maps to classify cotton balesMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; XiuBao, Huang; XinHou, Wang; Qing-Dong, Chen
2008Use of input selection techniques to improve the performance of an artificial neural network during the prediction of yarn quality propertiesMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Wang, Xin Hou; Huang, Xiu Bao
2019Use of regression to study the effect of fabric parameters on the adhesion of 3D printed PLA polymer onto woven fabricsMpofu, Nonsikelelo Sheron; Mwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Nkiwane, Londiwe C.; Njuguna, David
2014Investigation of moisture transportation properties of knitted fabrics made from viscose vortex spun yarnsMwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Kyatuheire, Salome; Wei, Li
2012Nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes; A review of potential in drug deliveryKamalha, Edwin; Shi, Xiangyang; Mwasiagi, Josphat Igadwa; Zeng, Yongchun