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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The solar energy access in Kenya: a review focusing on Pay-As-You-Go solar home systemAdwek, George; Boxiong, Shen; Ndolo, Paul O.; Siagi, Zachary O.; Chepsaigutt, Chebet; Kemunto, Cicilia M.; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo; Shimmon, John; Simiyu, Patrobers; Yabo, Abel C.
2017Absorption of nitrogen oxides into sodium hydroxide solution in a rotating packed bed with preoxidation by ozoneSun, Baochang; Sheng, Miaopeng; Gao, Wenlei; Zhang, Liangliang; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo
20173D numerical simulation of a rotating packed bed with structured stainless steel wire mesh packingLiu, Yi; Luo, Yong; Chu, Guang-Wen; Luo, Jiang-Zhou; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo
2017Removal of hydrogen sulfide from coke oven gas by catalytic oxidative absorption in a rotating packed bedZou, Haikui; Sheng, Miaopeng; Sun, Xiaofei; Ding, Zihao; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo
2015Electrochemical energy storage by polyaniline nanofibers: high gravity assisted oxidative polymerization vs. rapid mixing chemical oxidative polymerizationZhao, Yibo; Wei, Huige; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo; Yan, Xingru; Wu, Wei; Chen, Jianfeng; Wang, Yiran; Guo, Zhanhu
2015Degradation of methyl orange by ozone in the presence of ferrous and persulfate ions in a rotating packed bedGe, Deming; Zeng, Zequan; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo; Zou, Haikui
2019Review of solar energy development in Kenya: Opportunities and challengesGeorge, Adwek; Boxiong, Shen; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo; Ndolo, Paul; Chebet, Chepsaigutt; Shimmon, John
2017Study on the removal of fine particles from gas steam using water in a rotating packed bed combined with a charged deviceZou, Hai-Kui; Dong, Kun; Zhang, Qiang; Liang, Yan; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo
2018Micromixing efficiency in a multiphase reactor with a foam block stirrerYang, Yu-Cheng; Yu, Xiao-Hui; Yu, Qing-Jie; Yang, Shi-Ying; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo
2014Environmental impacts of sugarcane production, processing and management: a chemists perspectiveOmwoma, Solomon; Arowo, Moses NyoTonglo; Lalah, Joseph O.; Schramm, Karl-Werner