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Title: Meeting the needs of underserved patients in Western Kenya by creating the next generation of Global Health Pharmacists
Authors: Miller, Monica L
Karwa, Rakhi
Schellhase, Ellen M
Pastakia, Sonak D
Crowe, Susie
Manji, Imran
Jakait, Beatrice
Maina, Mercy
Keywords: International health
Public health
Global health
Pharmacy residency
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2016
Publisher: American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Abstract: Objective. To describe a novel training model used to create a sustainable public health-focused pharmacy residency based in Kenya and to describe the outcomes of this training program on un derserved populations. Design. The postgraduate year 2 residency was designed to expose trainees to the unique public health facets of inpatient, outpatient, and community-based care delivery in low and middle-income coun tries. Public health areas of focus included supply chain management, reproductive health, pediatrics, HIV, chronic disease management, and teaching. Assessment. The outcomes of the residency were assessed based on the number of new clinical programs developed by residents, articles and abstracts written by residents, and resident participation in grant writing. To date, six residents from the United States and eight Kenyan residents have completed the residency. Eleven sustainable patient care services have been implemented as a result of the residency program. Conclusion. This pharmacy residency training model developed accomplished pharmacists in public health pharmacy, with each residency class expanding funding and clinical programming, contributing to curriculum development, and creating jobs.
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