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Title: Cultural adaptation and validation of a measure of prejudice against men who have sex with men among healthcare providers in western Kenya
Authors: Wachira, Juddy
Naanyu, Violet
Keywords: Healthcare providers
Sexual prejudice.
Psychometric measure
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: IGI Global Publisher of Timely
Abstract: Sexual prejudice toward men who have sex with men (MSM) is a pressing concern in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Given the high HIV infection risk among this population, sexual prejudice perpetuated by healthcare providers, affects access to and willingness of MSM to seek HIV care services. However, data on healthcare providers' attitudes towards MSM in SSA are limited, and there are no locally-adapted measures of sexual prejudice. We adapted a scale to measure sexual prejudice with a sample of 147 healthcare providers in western Kenya. Results from exploratory factor analysis revealed a single-factor structure. The scale demonstrated high internal consistency with Cronbach's α = 0.91. Healthcare providers who had prior interpersonal contact with MSM, had ever been trained on counselling MSM, and had higher knowledge about MSM health needs reported lower sexual prejudice scores, compared with peers who lacked these experiences (p < 0.001). In contrast, healthcare providers who had experienced secondary stigma (negative judgments from peers and community) for providing care to MSM reported higher scores of sexual prejudice scale (p < 0.001) compared with providers who had not experienced secondary stigma. The scale provides a contextualised tool to assess healthcare providers' attitudes toward MSM in Kenya and countries in SSA with similar cultural norms.
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