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Title: Integration of Educational Technology in Teacher Education: A vantage for teacher training at County Level in Kenya
Authors: Chris Wekesa, Mukwa,
Keywords: Educational technology, Education, Teacher training-Kenya
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2013
Publisher: Moi University
Abstract: Sustainable development of a nation is a result of provision of quality education to its people. Superior education is a product of superior teachers. One aspect of training capable teachers is to appropriately integrate instructional technology in teacher education. It is establilshed that when student teachers receive good education, the social economic sectors of a country will receive graduates who have the much needed relevant knowledge and skills for the job market which in turn will contribute to sustainable development of major sectors of a country. Currently in Kenya, there has been approches of carrying out government activities where there has been a shift from conducting activities from national to regional level with a major focus on counties. One of the sectors that has been affected is education. There is need that when planning, implementing and evaluating educational programmes at the county level, integration of instructional technology and teacher education has to be taken into consideration.This inaugural lecture gives a historical and current context for application of educational technology in teacher education. A description of current resources, policies, philosophies, issues and trends that direct and shape use of educational technology in the classroom is presented. It is apparent that the advances in information and communication technology (ICT) have changed the way individuals live, learn, work, entertain themselves and transact business. Suggestions for the way forward on how teachers and instructional technology interact more effectively and efficiently is given.
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