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dc.contributor.authorSamba, T.-
dc.contributor.authorBhat, P.-
dc.contributor.authorOwiti, P.-
dc.contributor.authorSamuels, L.-
dc.contributor.authorKanneh, P. J.-
dc.contributor.authorPaul, R.-
dc.contributor.authorKargbo, B.-
dc.contributor.authorHarries, A. D.-
dc.description.abstractTwenty-seven peripheral health units, five secondary hospitals and one tertiary hospital, Western Area District, Sierra Leone. Objectives: To describe reporting systems, monthly attendances and facility-based patterns of six non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the pre-Ebola and Ebola virus disease outbreak periods. Design: A cross-sectional study using programme data. Results: Reporting was 89% complete on the six selected NCDs pre-Ebola and 86% during the Ebola outbreak (P < 0.01). Overall, marked declining trends in NCDs were reported during the Ebola period, with a monthly mean of 342 cases pre-Ebola and 164 during the Ebola outbreak. The monthly mean number of cases per disease in the pre-Ebola and Ebola outbreak periods was respectively 228 vs. 85 for hypertension, 43 vs. 27 for cardiovascular diseases, 36 vs. 18 for diabetes and 25 vs. 29 for peptic ulcer disease; this last condition increased during the outbreak. There were higher proportions of NCDs among females during the Ebola outbreak compared with the pre-Ebola period. Except for peptic ulcer disease, the number of patients with NCDs declined by 25% in peripheral health units, 91% in the secondary hospitals and 70% in the tertiary hospital between the pre-Ebola and the Ebola outbreak periods. Conclusion: Comprehensive reporting of NCDs was suboptimal, and declined during the Ebola epidemic. There were decreases in reported attendances for NCDs between the pre-Ebola and the Ebola outbreak periods, which were even more marked in the hospitals. This study has important policy implications.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseaseen_US
dc.subjectCardiovascular diseaseen_US
dc.subjectDiabetes mellitusen_US
dc.titleNon-communicable diseases in the Western Area District, Sierra Leone, before and during the Ebola outbreaken_US
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