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dc.contributor.authorSiika, Abraham M.-
dc.contributor.authorWere, Edwin-
dc.contributor.authorKurth, Ann E.-
dc.contributor.authorCleland, Charles M.-
dc.contributor.authorNok, Chhun-
dc.contributor.authorSidle, John E.-
dc.contributor.authorNaanyu, Violet-
dc.contributor.authorEmonyi, Wilfred-
dc.contributor.authorMacharia, Stephen M.-
dc.contributor.authorSang, Edwin-
dc.description.abstractWe evaluated performance, accuracy, and acceptability parameters of unsupervised oral fluid (OF) HIV self-testing (HIVST) in a general population in western Kenya. In a prospective validation design, we enrolled 240 adults to perform rapid OF HIVST and compared results to staff administered OF and rapid fingerstick tests. All reactive, discrepant, and a proportion of negative results were confirmed with lab ELISA. Twenty participants were video-recorded conducting self-testing. All participants completed a staff administered survey before and after HIVST to assess attitudes towards OF HIVST acceptability. HIV prevalence was 14.6 %. Thirty-six of the 239 HIVSTs were invalid (15.1 %; 95 % CI 11.1–20.1 %), with males twice as likely to have invalid results as females. HIVST sensitivity was 89.7 % (95 % CI 73–98 %) and specificity was 98 % (95 % CI 89–99 %). Although sensitivity was somewhat lower than expected, there is clear interest in, and high acceptability (94 %) of OF HIV self-testing.en_US
dc.subjectOral fluiden_US
dc.titleAccuracy and acceptability of Oral fluid HIV self-testing in a general adult population in Kenyaen_US
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