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Title: Plasma viral loads during early HIV-1 infection are similar in subtype C– and non-subtype C–infected African seroconverters
Authors: Campbell, Mary S.
Kahle, Erin M.
Celum, Connie
Lingappa, Jairam R.
Kapiga, Saidi
Mujugira, Andrew
Mugo, Nelly R.
Fife, Kenneth H.
Mullins, James I.
Baeten, Jared M.
Keywords: HIV-1
Group M subtype
Early infection
Plasma viral load
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Abstract: Recent data suggest that infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) subtype C results in prolonged high-level viremia (>5 log10 copies/mL) during early infection. We examined the relationship between HIV-1 subtype and plasma viremia among 153 African seroconverters. Mean setpoint viral loads were similar for C and non-C subtypes: 4.36 vs 4.42 log10 copies/mL (P = .61). The proportion of subtype C–infected participants with viral loads >5 log10 copies/mL was not greater than the proportion for those with non-C infection. Our data do not support the hypothesis that higher early viral load accounts for the rapid spread of HIV-1 subtype C in southern Africa.
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