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Title: Sexual Harassement and Discrimination Policy
Authors: Moi University
Keywords: sexually harrasment,offences
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Moi Univeristy Press
Abstract: One of the main sexual offences rampant in institutions of higher learning is that of sexual harassment. This offence is addressed in Section 21 of the Public Officers Ethics Act (2003), Employment Act 2008 and is criminalized in Section 23 of the Sexual Offences Act (2006). The burden of preventing sexual discrimination and harassment in institutions of higher learning rests primarily on the management of each institution. For this reason Moi University Council has taken the initiative to try to eliminate sexual discrimination and harassment through development of this policy. The primary objective of the policy is to change attitudes and influence behavior of students and staff of the university to individually and collectively take responsibility for prevention of the vices within the university. The policy provides for the establishment of three main units: (1) an effective sexual discrimination and harassment prevention and complaints mechanism; (2) an investigative and monitoring process; and (3) a record-keeping system. It gives guidelines to both staff and students to enable them to understand sexual discrimination and harassment and to take preventative measures against the vice.
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