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Title: Research Endowment Policy
Authors: Moi University
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Moi Univeristy Press
Abstract: Moi University is a public university established in 1984. The Government of Kenya provides the bulk of the funds to run academic programmes and research at the University. However, the rapid growth in the population of students, teaching staff and research staff has made the funds received from the government grossly inadequate. It has therefore become necessary to solicit additional funds from other sources to support general or specialized training, research and teaching. The Research Endowment Fund is intended to solicit funds from donors to be used to finance research projects of interest to the University or any of its functional units. A Board of Trustees exercises oversight over the management of Fund. The board comprises of the Chairperson of Council, the Vice-chancellor, the officer in charge of research and extension, and renowned persons/entities able to attract funding and other development partners. The Moi University Chancellor shall be an ex officio member The Board is responsible for soliciting donations to the fund, receiving donations on basis of contractual agreements, keeping a permanent record of such donations and contracts, and overseeing the management of the Fund as a Board or through assignees. The programmes to be supported shall include, but not limited to, student scholarships, research projects, grants for workshops, conferences and such learned gatherings, and emoluments for Research Endowment Fund activities. Award from the Research Endowment Fund shall be made on merit, bearing in mind the contractual agreements entered between the donors and the Endowment Fund Board of Trustees. The Moi University Research policy and Moi University Intellectual Property Policy shall govern termination of awards. The Board shall advertise six (6) months in advance the types of awards that shall be supported for that year and invite applications as appropriate.
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