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Title: Intellectual Property Policy
Authors: Moi University
Keywords: knowledge, Intellectual, jua Kali
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Moi Univeristy Press
Abstract: Moi University Intellectual Property Policy (MUIPP) is aimed at unlocking the available University resource potentials and mobilizing it toward the creation of knowledge based enterprises. The policy is part of the overall Moi University Research Policy. It will be implemented by the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Extension. To implement the policy, Moi University Intellectual Property Regulations have been developedIn developing the policy, it was considered that Moi University is a Science, Technology and Development University, endowed with well-trained and qualified personnel as well as specialized laboratories, equipment and field stations. Moi University endeavors to utilize these resources to generate new knowledge through R&D. The policy is expected to govern the generation of new knowledge, process and products and take care of the interest of all the shareholders in the generation and commercialization of the IPR.
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