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Title: The effect Enteritis of Infectious Viruses Bursal Disease on Immunocompetence
Authors: Mbugua, Humphrey
Keywords: Enteritis
Viruses Bursal Disease
Issue Date: Sep-1984
Publisher: Moi University
Abstract: This infection virus study with subsequent infection The first 5-week-old part of infection examination of bursa with by measuring PHA infected virus either with these and spleen immune and effects (HEV) and or combined infection involved from birdsresponse by measuring were strain infection bursal disease of avian followed viruses on influenza A of groups two viruses of combined. by histological sacrificed at by whole blood antibody of combined with these IBDV or HEV or the viruses horsen on turkeys infectious non-pathogenic investigation with the Jan intervals response post blastogenesis to IBDV and infection assay HEV in turkeys. No clinical observed; specific the cellular stimulation Supervisor: ascertain of single ENTERITIS TURKEYS M.Sc. an otherwise of poults to enteritis effect The effects (pI) HEMORRHAGIC Professor undertaken with turkey Med., AND 1984 was the DISEASE OF B. Vet. hemorrhagic (IBDV) and virus. BURSAL or pathological however, neutr alisinq hemorrhagic enteritis poults infected antibody were manifestations with either to IBDV from seen in the of infectious bursal disease were IBDV or IBDV + HEV develop but intranuclear mainly from observed days in the developed organs liver, second part harvested by whole A virus blood exacerbate the turkey the poults. of cellular significantly affect were birds bursa antibodies at infection indicate depression viruses in the with that invasi veness made with post measured, influenza A virus the administered humoral responses immune separately Specific cellular in the or together. From selected HI antibodies immune with of influenza or together responses avian A virus infection expression early IBDV or HEV responses stimulation. Or combined or clinical with influenza as were poults 12 PI. a non-pathogenic infection. Spleens, were Infected infected to isolate IBDV and HEV individually immune intestines. Birds infected single inclusions to HEV by day intervals were of enlarged intranuclear or the investigation, were in sections Occasional subsequently blastogenesis The results not Attempts from observed 14 PI. of the were A virus. to influenza but were precipitating or toqether influenza bodies 6 through specific In the singly inclusion caused infection of the but turkeys IBDV and HEV did A virus in a transient did not when the two ed day turkeys 6 PI. infected No clinical signs of wi th HEV or HEV + IBDV
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