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Title: Guidelines for Teachers of Information in Kenya Retrieval
Authors: Odini Cephas
Keywords: Information Retrieval
Issue Date: Sep-1989
Publisher: The University of Sheffield
Abstract: In Kenya an Information at Moi University Sciences is offered The course 1988 with a group of fifty students. the Faculty of Information are faced with the difficult appropriate Course near Eldoret town. started inOctober At the moment 4, teaching Sciences staff task of developing programmes for the various subjects in view of the limited teaching facilities and resources. 0: staff As a member Sciences, teaching at the Faculty of Information I have a role to play in the development programmes my teaching at the new Faculty together of with colleagues. In this dissertation for teachers I have drawn up guidelines of Information special reference retrieval to the Information in Kenya with Sciences Faculty at Moi University. In formulating much as possible conditions in the Information that teachers local field, but since these from. time to time it is recommended of Information of the particular before deciding I have tried as to consider the prevailing will keep changing analysis the guidelines retrieval circumstances make a careful and conditions to what extent and how the subject should be taught to any particular group at anyone time. It is observed that no guidelines area like the Information final. The changing Sciences environment demands will no doubt dictate guidelines in a dynamic can be considered and social needs and modifications in these and at a later stage the formulation of new ones. In the Introduction background informationation Sciences like Kenya. Highlighted about the Faculty at Moi University a brief narrative Information part of the guidelines, of Inform- is given followed of the challenges Sciences some of teaching in a young developing the country The major aim of the guidelines and so is the Information by is retrieval subject scope. The general and specific care outlined statements objectives in the second on teaching rationale The twenty one Information section, retrieval are stated section, teaching topics are outlined gramme includes by methods. Topics in the third programmes in the next section. a statement followed and teaching covered by the guidelines and the specific of the sub- on objectives for the Each pro- for teaching every topic, an outline, points and narrative in the topic and suggestions of important on how the topic can be taught. The fifth section and practical facilities deals with teaching considerations. are not in existence facilities Some of the suggested at the moment but it is felt that it would be a good idea for the Faculty to try and acquire them. The last section Appendices practical which of the dissertation incluce some suggestions exercises, test questions consists of for students and reading lists.
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