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Title: Towards Integrated Resource Management in Kenya
Authors: Perpetua, Wangui Irimu
Keywords: Resource Management
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Publisher: Moi University
Abstract: This paper management present in explores an alternative general, and for Kenya management approaches in Kenya as discussed degradation coupled affluence and a limited management approach use of resources resource resource specifically. Past and in Chapter increasing resource in environmental 4. Environmental population size, base necessitates that facilitates to meet present have resulted degradation with to a more base and at the same time a resource rational the range of demand sincre aped and wise being put on the maintaining environmental integrity. This paper encompasses concepts chapters of resource changing scene of a change the functioning approach two parts: part one and management. the in resource of the natural for integrated Chapter management movement, to present into one and two and is a review of theory in the way society conservation potential has been divided views which resource resource discusses has been a result 'resources', and a greater systems. one understanding Chapter management management the rise of of the two explores the as an alternative approaches.2. Part Kenya two provides and attempts resource management background critiques the of the an assessment to determine Chapter Kenyan environment, ecological the need for integrated achieving possibility management environmental and potential while strategies Chapter management planning, and also for its application as general chapter and in integrated three sets the implications. resource management the need for a more approach. past and present resulting of resource four explores five explores a means looks in Kenya.
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