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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessment of HIV data reporting performance by facilities during EMR systems implementations in KenyaNgugi, Philomena N.; Gesicho, Milka B.; Babic, Ankica; Were, Martin C.
2019Community health workers improve linkage to hypertension care in Western KenyaOrango, Vitalis; Velazquez, Eric J.; Were, Martin C.; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Kamano, Jemima H.
2019-10-15Community health workers improve linkage to hypertension care in western KenyaVedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; DeLong, Allison K.; Naanyu, Violet; Binanay, Cynthia A.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Chrysanthopoulou, Stavroula A.; Finkelstein, Eric A.; Hogan, Joseph W.; Horowitz, Carol R.; Inui, Thomas S.; Menya, Diana; Orango, Vitalis; Velazquez, Eric J.; Were, Martin C.; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Fuster, Valentin
2011-01Ethics of implementing electronic health records in developing Countries: points to considerWere, Martin C.; Meslin, Eric M.
2020K-Means Clustering in Monitoring Facility Reporting of HIV Indicator Data: Case of KenyaGesicho, Milka Bochere; Babic, Ankica; Were, Martin C.
2016Leveraging digital health for global chronic diseasesWere, Martin C.; Kamano, Jemima H.; Rajesh, Vedanthan
2022-09-01Leveraging mHealth usage logs to inform health worker performance in a resource- limited setting: Case example of mUzima use for a chronic disease program in Western KenyaSavaiI, Simon; Kamano, Jemimah; Misoi, Lawrence; Wakholi, Peter; Kamrul, Hasan; Were, Martin C.
2020mHealth spectroscopy of blood hemoglobin with spectral super-resolutionPark, Sang Mok; Visbal-Onufrak, Michelle A.; Haque, Md Munirul; Were, Martin C.; Hasan, Md Kamrul; Kim, Young L.; Naanyu, Violet
2021-09A multivariate statistical evaluation of actual use of electronic health record systems implementations in KenyaNgugi, Philomena; Ankica, Babic; Were, Martin C.
2020Therapeutic turnaround times for common laboratory tests in a tertiary hospital in KenyaMwogi, Thomas; Mercer, Tim; Tonui, Ronald; Tylleskar, Thorkild; Were, Martin C.