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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019C - reactive protein and interleukin - 6 levels among human immunodeficiency virus -infected patients with dysglycemia in TanzaniaNkinda, Lilian; Kirtika, Patel; Njuguna, Benson; Pastakia, Sonak D; Ngangali, Jean Pierre
2019-07-22C - reactive protein and interleukin - 6 levels among human immunodeficiency virus -infected patients with dysglycemia in TanzaniaNkinda, Lilian; Patel, Kirtika; Njuguna, Benson; Ngangali, Jean Pierre; Memiah, Peter; Bwire, George M; Majigo, Mtebe V; Mizinduko, Mucho; Pastakia, Sonak D; Lyamuya, Eligius
2009Collaborative partnership for clinical pharmacy services in KenyaPastakia, Sonak D; Schellhase, Ellen .M; Jakait, Beatrice
2018-06-15Development of low-cost locally sourced twocomponent compression bandages in Western KenyaChang, Aileen Y; Tonui, Edith C; Momanyi, Douglas; Mills, Alex R; Wasike, Paul; Karwa, Rakhi; Maurer, Toby A; Pastakia, Sonak D
2017-06-22Diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa – from policy to practice to progress: targeting the existing gaps for future care for diabetesPastakia, Sonak D; Pekny, Chelsea R; Manyara, Simon M; Fischer, Lydia
2015-11-23Do diabetes mellitus patients adhere to self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and is this associated with glycemic control? Experiences from a SMBG program in western KenyaK Wambui, Charity; Kumar, Ajay M.V; Hinderaker, Sven Gudmund; Chinnakali, Palanivel; Pastakia, Sonak D; Kamano, Jemimah
2015-11-18Do diabetes mellitus patients adhere to self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and is this associated with glycemic control? Experiences from a SMBG program in western KenyaK. Wambui, Charity; Kumar Sven, Ajay M.V.; Hinderaker, Gudmund; Chinnakali, Palanivel; Pastakia, Sonak D; Kamano, Jemimah
2013-04-12An elective pharmaceutical care course to prepare students for an advanced pharmacy practice experience in KenyaSchellhase, Ellen M; D, Pharm; Miller, Monica L; Ogallo, William; Pastakia, Sonak D
2011-05The evolution of diabetes care in the rural, resource constrained setting of Western KenyaPastakia, Sonak D; Karwa, Rakhi; Kahn, Charles B; Nyabundi, Jak S
2022-02-23How health systems can adapt to a population ageing with HIV and comorbid diseaseKiplagat, Jepchirchir; Tran, Dan N; Barber, Tristan; Njuguna, Benson; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Triant, Virginia A; Pastakia, Sonak D
2021-09-03Human-centered implementation research: A new approach to develop and evaluate implementation strategies for strengthening Referral networks for hypertension in western KenyaPillsbury, McKinsey M; Mwangi, Eunice; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Bloom, Gerald S; Chepchumba, Agneta; Kamano, Jemima; Mercer, Tim; Miheso, Juliet; Pastakia, Sonak D; Pathak, Shravani; Thakkar, Aarti; Naanyu, Violet; Akwanalo, Constantine; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2022-03-29Integrating community-based HIV and non communicable disease care with microfinance groups: A formative study in Western KenyaKafu, Catherine; Wachira, Juddy; Omodi, Victor; Said, Jamil; Pastakia, Sonak D; Tran, Dan; Onyango, Jael Adongo; Aburi, Dan; Wilson-Barthes, Marta; Galárraga, Omar; Genberg, Becky Lynn
2016-03-25Meeting the needs of underserved patients in Western Kenya by creating the next generation of Global Health PharmacistsMiller, Monica L; Karwa, Rakhi; Schellhase, Ellen M; Pastakia, Sonak D; Crowe, Susie; Manji, Imran; Jakait, Beatrice; Maina, Mercy
2022-03-07Network characteristics of a referral system for patients with hypertension in Western Kenya: results from the strengthening Referral networks for management of Hypertension across the health system (STRENGTHS) studyThakkar, Aarti; Valente, Thomas; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Miheso, Juliet; Merce, Tim; Mugo, Richard; Mwangi, Ann; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Eunice; Pathak, Shravani; Pillsbury, Mc Kinsey M; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet; Williams, Makeda; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Akwanalo, Constantine; Bloomfeld, Gerald S
2019-02Novartis Access: a small step towards increased access for non-communicable disease careManji, Imran; Pastakia, Sonak D
2017-07-14Prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus based on various screening strategies in western Kenya: a prospective comparison of point of care diagnostic methodsPastakia, Sonak D; Njuguna, Benson; Onyango, Beryl Ajwang’; Washington, Sierra; Christoffersen-Deb, Astrid
2020-12-01Proactive prevention: Act now to disrupt the impending non-communicable disease crisis in low-burden populationsNjuguna, Benson; Fletcher, Sara L; Akwanalo, Constantine; Asante, Kwaku Poku; Baumann, Ana; Brown, Angela; Davila-Roman, Victor G; Dickhaus, Julia; Fort, Meredith; Lwelunmor, Juliet; Irazola, Vilma; Mohan, Sailesh; Mutabazi, Vincent; Newsome, Brad; Ogedegbe, Olugbenga; Pastakia, Sonak D; K Peprah, Emmanuel; Plange-Rhule, Jacob; Roth, Gregory; Shrestha, Archana
2018-10-21Randomized controlled trial to evaluate locally sourced two-component compression bandages for HIV-associated Kaposi sarcoma leg lymphedema in western Kenya:The Kenyan improvised compression for Kaposi Sarcoma (KICKS) study protocolChang, Aileen Y; Karwa, Rakhi; Busakhala, Naftali; Fletcher, Sara L; Tonui, Edith C; Wasike, Paul; Kohn, Michael A; Asirwa, Fredrick Chite; Kiprono, Samson K; Maurer, Toby; Goodrich, Suzanne; Pastakia, Sonak D
2010-03Retrospective analysis of the efficacy of gemcitabine for previously treated AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma in western KenyaStrother, R Matthew; Gregory, Kelly M; Pastakia, Sonak D; Were, Pamela; Tenge, Constance; Busakhala, Naftali; Jakait, Beatrice; Schellhase, Ellen M; Rosmarin, Alan G
2019-06Strategies for effective stakeholder engagement in strengthening Referral networks for management of hypertension across health systems in KenyaAkwanalo, Constantine; Njuguna, Benson; Mercer, Tim; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Ann; Dick, Jonathan; Dickhaus, Julia; Andesia, Josephine; Bloomfield, Gerald S; Valente, Thomas; Kibachio, Joseph; Pillsbury, Max; Shravani, Pathak; Thakaa, Aarti; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet