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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-01Bibliographic Control in KenyaOtike Japhet
1993-12Book Donations and Their Relevance to the Third WorldOtike Japhet
1992-12Collection Development through Exchanges: The experience of the third worldOtike Japhet
2004-09The development of libraries in KenyaOtike Japhet
1990-12Document Reproduction and Supply in East AfricaOtike Japhet
2015-11-10The Effect of Library Staff Attitude to Work on the Use of Information Services in Public University Libraries in KenyaOmondi Peter Otieno; Otike Japhet; Rotich Daniel
1992-12The Exchange of Publications Programme in East Africa: Problems and ProspectsOtike Japhet
2014-04-21Factors affecting the development of digital resources collection in universities: a case study of KenyaRukwaro Monica W.; Otike Japhet
2002-10Factors hampering the formulation of a national information policy in KenyaAyoo Philip; Otike Japhet
1989-01Indigenous Materials in Libraries and Information Centres in KenyaOtike Japhet
1999The Information Needs and Seeking Habits of Lawyers in England: A Pilot StudyOtike Japhet
2017-10-30Information Seeking Behaviour by the Employees of the State Department of East African IntegrationOdini Cephas; Odinga Josephat L.M; Otike Japhet
2000Legal information needs of lawyers in Kenya: a case studyOtike Japhet; Graham Matthews
1997-02Legal information needs of the general public: With special reference to developing countriesOtike Japhet
1989-01-01Library cooperation in KenyaOtike Japhet
2005-05Merits and demerits of measuring the performance of a library service using quantitative methodsOtike Japhet; Munge Evans
2016Non Use of Academic Library Services: A Literature ReviewKiilu Peris; Otike Japhet
1987-03The problems of library co-operation in kenyaOtike Japhet
1996-01The Provision of Legal Information to Rural Populations in Anglophone AfricaOtike Japhet
1990-03Resource Sharing in Special LibrariesOtike Japhet