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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The AMPATH medical record system: creating, implementing, and sustaining an electronic medical record system to support HIV/AIDS care in western Kenya.Kimaiyo Sylvester; Tierney William M; Rotich Joseph K; Einterz Robert; Hannan Terry J.; Siika Abraham Mosigisi; Biondich Paul; Mamlin Burke W; Mamlin Joseph; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Kara K. Wools-Kaloustian; Sidle John; Simiyu Chrispinus J; Kigotho Erika; Musick Beverly
2007-10-31AMPATH: Living Proof that No One Has to Die from HIVKimaiyo Sylvester; Sidle John; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Inui Thomas S; Frankel Richard M; Muriuki Tadeo; Mamlin Joseph; Einterz Robert
2005-06An electronic medical record system for ambulatory care of HIV-infected patients in KenyaKimaiyo Sylvester; Siika Abraham Mosigisi; Rotich Joseph K; Simiyu Chrispinus J; Tierney William M.; Kara K. Wools-Kaloustian; Kigotho Erica M.; Smith Faye E.; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Hannan Terry J.
2014-09-20The government of Kenya cash transfer for orphaned and vulnerable children: cross-sectional comparison of household and individual characteristics of those with and withoutLukoye Atwoli; Lonnie Embleton; Koech Julius; Paula Braitstein; Kamanda Allan; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Vreeman Rachel C.
2014-04-01Models of care for orphaned and separated children and upholding children’s rights: cross-sectional evidence from western KenyaLukoye Atwoli; Ayuku David; Kamanda Allan; Ayaya Samuel; Vreeman Rachel C.; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Gisore Peter; Koech Julius; Paula Braitstein
2013-07Nutritional Status of Orphaned and Separated Children and Adolescents Living in Community and Institutional Environments in Uasin Gishu County, KenyaNyandiko Winstone M.; Kamanda Allan.; Braitstein Paula.; Koech Julius.; Ayaya Samuel.; Gisore Peter.; Atwoli Lukoye.; Vreeman Rachel C.; Duefield Corey.; Ayuku David O.
2013-07-26Nutritional Status of Orphaned and Separated Children and Adolescents Living in Community and Institutional Environments in Uasin Gishu County, KenyaLukoye Atwoli; Ayuku David; Paula Braitstein; Corey Duefield; Vreeman Rachel C.; Gisore Peter; Koech Julius; Kamanda Allan; Nyandiko Winstone M.
2004Perspectives and Practice in Antiretroviral TreatmentKimaiyo Sylvester; Mamlin Joe; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Tierney William M
2012-09-25A qualitative study using traditional community assemblies to investigate community perspectives on informed consent and research participation in western KenyaLukoye Atwoli; Vreeman Rachel C.; Kamaara Eunice; Ayaya Samuel; Paula Braitstein; Gisore Peter; Ayuku David; Scanlon Michael ; Nyandiko Winstone M.
2016-11-15Sexual Behavior Among Orphaned Adolescents in Western Kenya: A Comparison of Institutional- and Family-Based Care SettingsLukoye Atwoli; Paula Braitstein; Mary A. Ott M.D.; Lonnie Embleton; Nyandat Joram; Sang Edwin; Kamanda Allan; Ayaya Samuel; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Gisore Peter; Vreeman Rachel C.; Omar Galarraga
2009-05The Structure and Outcomes of a HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Program in a High HIV Prevalence Setup in Western KenyaKimaiyo Sylvester; Siika Abraham Mosigisi; Nyandiko Winstone M.; Mwangi Ann; Waxman Michael; Sidle John; Kara K Wools-Kaloustian