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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The effect of weekly interactive text-messaging on early infant HIV testing in Kenya: a randomised controlled trial (WelTel PMTCT)Nordberg, Bjorn; Mwangi, Winfred; Van der Kop, Mia Liisa; Were, Edwin; Kaguiri, Eunice
2021Integrating prevention of mother-to child transmission of HIV care into general maternal childhealth care in Western KenyaBerlacher, Michelle; Mercer, Timothy; Apond, Edith O.; Mwangi, Winfred; Were, Edwin; McHenry, Megan S.
2021-10-13A qualitative study of the barriers and enhancers to retention in care for pregnant and postpartum women living with HIVHumphrey, John; Alera, Marsha; Kipchumba, Bett; Pfeiffer, Elizabeth J.; Songok, Julia; Mwangi, Winfred; Musick, Beverly; Yiannoutsos, Constantin; Wachira, Juddy; Wools-Kaloustian, Kara
2022-03-18Retention in care and viral suppression in the PMTCT continuum at a large referral facility in western KenyaHumphrey, John M.; Songok, Julia; Ofner, Susan; Musick, Beverly; Alera, Marsha; Kipchumba, Bett; McHenry, Megan S.; Carlucci, James G; Park, Jun; Mwangi, Winfred; Yiannoutsos, Constantin; Bakoyannis, Giorgos; Wools-Kaloustian, Kara
2018-05-16Uptake of skilled attendance along the continuum of care in rural Western Kenya: selected analysis from Global Health initiative survey-2012Mwangi, Winfred; Gachuno, Onesmus; Desai, Meghna; Obor, David; Were, Vincent; Odhiambo, Frank; Nyaguara, Amek; Laserson, Kayla F.
2024The use, adherence, and evaluation of interactive text-messaging among women admitted to prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV care in Kenya (WelTel PMTCT)Nordberg, Björn; Kaguiri, Eunice; Chamorro de Angeles, Katrine J.; Gabriel, Erin E.; Mia, Liisa van der Kop; Mwangi, Winfred; Lester, Richard T.; Were, Edwin; Mia, Anna Ekström; Rautiainen, Susanne