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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Adherence to dietary guidelines and dietary patterns of type 2 diabetic patients in Moi teaching and Referral hospital, KenyaJepkemoi, Gladys; Masibo, Peninah K; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2016Assessing the independent and combined effects of subsidies for antimalarials and rapid diagnostic testing on fever management decisions in the retail sector: results from a factorial randomised trial in western KenyaMenya, Diana; O ’ Meara, Wendy Prudhomme; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2022Associations between antenatal syphilis test results and adverse pregnancy outcomes in western KenyaLaktabai, Jeremiah; Mobley, Victoria L.; Prudhomme-O’Meara, Wendy; Taylor, Steve M.
2021-08-23Bottlenecks to intervention scale up: supply and demand side perspectives from a large community-based trial of malaria testing.Kirui, Joseph; Malinga, Josephine; Sang, Edna; Ambani, George; Abel, Lucy; Nalianya, Erick; Namae, Jane; Boyce, Matthew; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Menya, Diana; O’Meara, Wendy Prudhomme
2022-08-25Community based malaria testing reduces polypharmacy in a population based survey of febrile illness in Western KenyaLaktabai, Jeremiah; C. Platt, Alyssa; Turner, Elizabeth; Saran, Indrani; Kipkoech, Joseph; Menya, Diana; Prudhomme O’Meara, Wendy
2022Community-based medication delivery program for antihypertensive medications improves adherence and reduces blood pressureKibet, Kangogo; Amisi, James A.; Kamadi, James; Karwa, Rakhi; Kiragu, Benson; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Manji, Imran N.; Njuguna, Benson; Szkwarko, Daria; Qian, Kun; Rajesh, Vedanthan; Pastakia, Sonak D.
2015-03-09Etiology of pediatric fever in Western Kenya: A case–control study of falciparum malaria, respiratory viruses,and streptococcal pharyngitisO’Meara, Wendy P; Mott, Joshua A; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Wamburu, Kabura; Fields, Barry; Armstrong, Janice
2018-05Evaluation of malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT) use by community health workers: a longitudinal study in western KenyaMenya, Diana; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2022How do malaria testing and treatment subsidies affects drug shop client expenditure? A cross-sectional analysis in western KenyaSaran, Indrani; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Menya, Diana; Woolsey, Aaron; Turner, Elizabeth Louise; Visser, Theodoor; O'Meara, Wendy Prudhomme
2021-10Impact of a community-based medication delivery program for antihypertensive medications on adherence and blood pressure reductionAmisi, James Akiruga; Namae, Jane; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2018-07Improving rational use of ACTs through diagnosis-dependent subsidies: Evidence from a cluster-randomized controlled trial in western KenyaWendy, Prudhomme O’Meara; Menya, Diana; Kipkoech, Joseph; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2023“It is like an umbrella covering you, yet it does not protect you from the rain”: A mixed methods study of insurance afordability, coverage, and fnancial protection in rural western KenyaLaktabai, Jeremiah; Maritim, Bery; Koon, Adam D.; Kimaina, Allan; Lagat, Cornelius; Riungu, , Elvira; Ruh, Laura J.; Kibiwot, Michael; Scanlon, Michael L.; Goudge, Jane
2020Layering and scaling up chronic non‐communicable disease care on existing HIV care systems and acute care settings in Kenya: a cost and budget impact analysisOsetinsky, Brianna; Mwangi, Ann; Pastakia, Sonak; Wilson‐Barthes, Marta; Kimetto, Joan; Rono, Kimutai; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Galárraga, Omar
2018-10Leveraging the power of partnership spreading the vision for a population health care delivery model in western KenyaPastakia, Sonak; Songok, Julia; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2023Malaria in pregnancy: key points for the neonatologistRent, Sharla; Bauserman, Melissa; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Tshefu, Antoinette K; Steve, M. Taylor
2019-10-31Mitigating the burden of diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa through an integrated diagonal health systems approachMercer, Tim; Chang, Alice C; Fischer, Lydia; Gardner, Adrian; Kerubo, Immaculate; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Pastakia, Sonak
2018-06Models of integration of HIV and noncommunicable disease care in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons learned and evidence gapsNjuguna, Benson; Vorkoper, Susan; Pragna, Patel; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2016Pastakia, S.D., Manyara, S.M., Vedanthan, R., Kamano, J.H., Menya, D., et al., Impact of Bridging Income Generation with Group Integrated Care (BIGPIC) on Hypertension and Diabetes in Rural Western Kenya. J Gen Intern Med, 2016.Manyara, Simon M.; Rajesh, Vedanthan; Kamano, Jemima H.; Andama, Benjamin; Chesoli, Cleophas; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2020Postpartum psychosis in peripartum cardiomyopathy: a case reportOwuor, Odhiambo Henry; Akiruga, James Amisi; Laktabai, Jeremiah; Ateya, Samuel; Omar, Salwa Mohamed
2018A randomized experiment of malaria diagnostic testing and conditional subsidies to target ACTs in the retail sector: the TESTsmART trial AIM 1Laktabai, Jeremiah