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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Barriers and facilitators to nurse management of hypertension : A qualitative analysis from Western K enyaRajesh, Vedantha; Tuikong, Nelly; Kamano, Jemima H.; Naanyu, Violet; Kimaiyo, Sylvester
2016-01-04Barriers influencing linkage to hypertension care in Kenya: Qualitative analysis from the LARK hypertension studyNaanyu, Violet; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; Rotich, Jackson K.; Lagat, Kennedy K.; Kiptoo, Peninah; Kofler, Claire; Mutai, Kennedy K.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Menya, Diana; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Fuster, Valentin; Horowitz, Carol R.; Inui, Thomas S.
2016Cardiovascular health knowledge and preventive practices in people living with HIV in KenyaTemu, Tecla M.; Kirui, Nicholas; Wanjalla, Celestine; Ndungu, Alfred M.; Kamano, Jemima H.; Inui, Thomas S.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.
2019Community health workers improve linkage to hypertension care in Western KenyaOrango, Vitalis; Velazquez, Eric J.; Were, Martin C.; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Kamano, Jemima H.
2019-10-15Community health workers improve linkage to hypertension care in western KenyaVedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; DeLong, Allison K.; Naanyu, Violet; Binanay, Cynthia A.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Chrysanthopoulou, Stavroula A.; Finkelstein, Eric A.; Hogan, Joseph W.; Horowitz, Carol R.; Inui, Thomas S.; Menya, Diana; Orango, Vitalis; Velazquez, Eric J.; Were, Martin C.; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Fuster, Valentin
2023Cross-sectional analysis of factors associated with medication adherence in western KenyaGala, Pooja; Kamano, Jemima H.; Sanchez, Manuel Vazquez; Mugo, Richard; Orango, Vitalis; Pastakia, Sonak; Horowitz, Carol; Hogan, Joseph W.; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2015-12-07Dynamics impact, and feasibility of self-monitoring of blood glucose in the rural resource-constrained setting of Western KenyaPastakia, Sonak D.; Cheng, Stephanie Y; Kirui, Nicholas K.; Kamano, Jemima H.
2021-04-27Group medical visit and microfinance intervention for patients with diabetes or hypertension in KenyaVedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; Chrysanthopoulou, Stavroula A.; Mugo, Richard; Andama, Benjamin; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Chesoli, Cleophas W.; DeLong, Allison K.; Edelman, David; Finkelstein, Eric A.; Horowitz, Carol R.; Manyara, Simon; Menya, Diana; Naanyu, Violet; Orango, Vitalis; Pastakia, Sonak D.; Valente, Thomas W.; Hogan, Joseph W.; Fuster, Valentin
2019Hypertension management in rural western Kenya: a needs-based health workforce estimation modelKamano, Jemima H.; Kiptoo, Peninah; Tulienge, Deborah; Kimaiyo, Sylvester
2017-05Impact of bridging income generation with groupintegrated care (BIGPIC) on hypertension and diabetesin rural Western KenyaPastakia, Sonak D.; Manyara, Simon M.; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima H.; Menya, Diana; Andama, Benjamin
2015Improving diabetes management and cardiovascular risk factors through peer-led self-management support groups in Western KenyaPark, Paul H.; Wambui, Charity K.; Atieno, Sabina; Egger, Joseph R.; Misoi, Lawrence; Nyabundi, Jack S.; Pastakia, Sonak D.; Bloomfield, Gerald S.; Kamano, Jemima H.
2016-12Innovative approaches to hypertension control in low- and middle-income countriesVedanthan, Rajesh; Bernabe-Ortiz, Antonio; Herasme, Omarys I.; Joshi, Rohina; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Kamano, Jemima H.
2016Leveraging digital health for global chronic diseasesWere, Martin C.; Kamano, Jemima H.; Rajesh, Vedanthan
2018-06Metabolic syndrome among antire troviral therapy-naive versus experienced HIV-Infected patients without preexisting cardiometabolic disorders in Western KenyaOsoti, Alfred; Temu, Tecla M.; Kirui, Nicholas; Ngetich, Edmond K.; Kamano, Jemima H.; Page, Stephanie; Farquhar, Carey; Bloomfield, Gerald S.
2016Nurse management of Hypertension in rural Western Kenya: Implementation research to optimize deliveryKimaiyo, Sylvester; Kamano, Jemima H.; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2016Pastakia, S.D., Manyara, S.M., Vedanthan, R., Kamano, J.H., Menya, D., et al., Impact of Bridging Income Generation with Group Integrated Care (BIGPIC) on Hypertension and Diabetes in Rural Western Kenya. J Gen Intern Med, 2016.Manyara, Simon M.; Rajesh, Vedanthan; Kamano, Jemima H.; Andama, Benjamin; Chesoli, Cleophas; Laktabai, Jeremiah
2016Quality Improvement for Cardiovascular Disease Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic ReviewKamano, Jemima H.; Rajesh, Vedanthan