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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Acyclovir and transmission of HIV-1 from persons infected with HIV-1 and HSV-2Celum, Connie; Were, Edwin; Fife, Kenneth H.; Bruyn, Guy de; Gray, Glenda E.; McIntyre, James A.; Manongi, Rachel; Kapiga, Saidi; Coetzee, David; Allen, Susan; Inambao, Mubiana; Kayitenkore, Kayitesi; Karita, Etienne; Kanweka, William
2010Daily aciclovir for HIV-1 disease progression in people dually infected with HIV-1 and herpes simplex virus type 2: a randomised placebo-controlled trialLingappa, Jairam R.; Baeten, Jared M.; Wald, Anna; Hughes, James P.; Thomas, Katherine K.; Mujugira, Andrew; Mugo, Nelly; Bukusi, Elizabeth A.; Cohen, Craig R.; Katabira, Elly; Ronald, Allan; Kiarie, James; Farquhar, Carey; Stewart, Grace John; Makhema, Joseph; Essex, Myron; Were, Edwin; Fife, Kenneth H.; Bruyn, Guy de; Gray, Glenda E.
2013Daily acyclovir to decrease herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) transmission from HSV-2/HIV-1 coinfected persons: a randomized controlled trialMujugira, Andrew; Magaret, Amalia S.; Celum, Connie; Baeten, Jared M.; Lingappa, Jairam R.; Morrow, Rhoda Ashley; Fife, Kenneth H.; Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead; Were, Edwin
2011Herpes simplex virus type 2 suppressive therapy with acyclovir or valacyclovir does not select for specific HIV-1 resistance in HIV-1/HSV-2 dually infected personsBaeten, Jared M.; Lingappa, Jairam; Beck, Ingrid; Frenkel, Lisa M.; Pepper, Gregory; Celum, Connie; Wald, Anna; Fife, Kenneth H.; Were, Edwin; Mugo, Nelly; Makhema, Joseph; Kiarie, James
2012-01Outside sexual partnerships and risk of HIV acquisition for HIV uninfected partners in African HIV Serodiscordant PartnershipsNdase, Patrick; Celum, Connie; Katherine, Thomas; Donnell, Deborah; Fife, Kenneth H.; Bukusi, Elizabeth; Moretlwe, Sinead Delany; Baeten, Jared M
2013Partner characteristics predicting HIV-1 set point in sexually acquired HIV-1 among African seroconvertersLingappa, Jairam R.; Thomas, Katherine K.; Hughes, James P.; Baeten, Jared M.; Wald, Anna; Mullins, James I.; Kapiga, Saidi; Campbell, Mary S.; Fife, Kenneth H.
2012Plasma viral loads during early HIV-1 infection are similar in subtype C– and non-subtype C–infected African seroconvertersCampbell, Mary S.; Kahle, Erin M.; Celum, Connie; Lingappa, Jairam R.; Kapiga, Saidi; Mujugira, Andrew; Mugo, Nelly R.; Fife, Kenneth H.; Mullins, James I.; Baeten, Jared M.