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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Acceptability of a pilot intervention of voluntary medical male circumcision and HIV education for street-connected youth in Western KenyaKibel, Mia; Shah, Pooja; Ayuku, David; Makori, Dominic; Kamaara, Eunice; Choge, Emily; Nyairo, Joyce; Abuyae, Pamela; Wahome, Mary; Wachira, Juddy; Braitstein, Paula
2023-02Addressing the Know‑Do Gap in adolescent HIV: Framing and measuring implementation determinants, outcomes, and strategies in the AHISA networkBeima‑Sofe, Kristin; Njuguna, Irene; Concepcion, Tessa; DeLong, Stephanie M.; Donenberg, Geri; Zanoni, Brian C.; Dow, Dorothy; Braitstein, Paula; Wagne, Anjuli
2018Assessing the effect of drought severity on height-for-age z-score in Kenyan children: a secondary analysisLillepold, Kate; Aimone, Ashley; Keino, Susan; Braitstein, Paula
2009-11Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices of infant feeding in the context of HIV: A case study from western KenyaWachira, Juddy; Otieno, Boaz; Ballidawa, Joyce; Braitstein, Paula
2018-05-15Causes of death among street-connected children and youth in Eldoret, KenyaEmbleton, Lonnie; Ayuku, David; Makori, Dominic; Kamanda, Allan; Braitstein, Paula
2013Child abuse and neglect among orphaned children and youth living in extended families in sub-Saharan Africa: What have we learned from qualitative inquiry?Morantz, Gillian; Vreeman, Rachel; Ayaya, Samuel; Braitstein, Paula; Ayuku, David
2009-07The clinical burden of tuberculosis among human immunodeficiency virus-infected children in Western Kenya and the impact of combination antiretroviral treatmentAyaya, Samwel; Nyandiko, Winstone; Vreeman, Rachel; Braitstein, Paula; Sang, Edwin; Kara Wools-Kaloustian; Musick, Beverly; Sidle, John; Yiannoutsos, Constantin; Carter, Jane E.
2016-02-22Community Perceptions of Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Their Roles in Management for HIV, Tuberculosis and Hypertension in Western KenyaRachlis, Beth; Naanyu, Violet; Wachira, Juddy; Genberg, Becky; Koech, Beatrice; Kamene, Regina; Akinyi, Jackie; Braitstein, Paula
2022-11Continuity of Care is Associated with Higher Appointment Adherence Among HIV Patients in Low Clinician-to-Patient Ratio Facilities in Western KenyaWachira, Juddy; Mwangi, Ann; Genberg, Becky; Ngeresa, Anthony; Omar, Galárraga; Kimayo, Sylvester; Dick, Jonathan; Braitstein, Paula; Ira, Wilson; Hogan, Joseph
2022-11-05Cost utility of supporting family-based care to prevent HIV and deaths among orphaned and separated children in East Africa: a markov model–based simulationWilson-Barthes, Marta; Braitstein, Paula; DeLong, llison; Ayuku, David; Atwoli, Lukoye; Sang, Edwin; Gala´rraga, Omar
2020-10-29Decreasing incidence of pregnancy among HIV-positive adolescents in a large HIV treatment program in western Kenya between 2005 and 2017: a retrospective cohort studyMilla, Heather C.; Keter, Alfred K.; Musick, Beverly S.; Apondi, Edith; Wachira, Juddy; MacDonald, Katherine R.; Spitzer, Rachel F.; Braitstein, Paula
2022-01-18Efect of care environment on educational attainment among orphaned and separated children and adolescents in Western KenyaApedaile, Dorothy; DeLong, Allison; Sang, Edwin; Ayuku, David; Atwoli, Lukoye; Galárraga, Omar; Braitstein, Paula
2022Effect of care environment on educational attainment among orphaned and separated children and adolescents in Western KenyaApedaile, Dorothy; DeLong, Allison; Sang, Edwin; Galárraga, Omar; Braitstein, Paula; Ayuku4, David; Atwoli, Lukoye
2023Enabling Adherence to Treatment (EAT): a pilot study of a combination intervention to improve HIV treatment outcomes among street-connected individuals in western KenyaKibel, Mia; Kiptui, Reuben; Embleton, Lonnie; Omar, Galárraga; Apondi, Edith; Ayuku, David; Braitstein, Paula
2014-11-05Evaluating outcomes ofpatients lost tofollow-up in alarge comprehensive care treatment program in Western KenyaRachlis, Beth; Ochieng, Daniel; Geng, Elvin; Rotich, Elyne; Ochieng, Vincent; Maritim, Beryl; Ndege, Samson; Naanyu, Violet; Martin, Jeffrey N; Keter, Alfred; Ayuo, Paul; Diero, Lameck; Nyambura, Monicah; Braitstein, Paula
2010Experience Implementing Electronic Health Records in Three East African CountriesTierney, William M.; Achieng, Marion; Baker, Elaine; Bell, April; Biondich, Paul; Braitstein, Paula; Kayiwa, Daniel; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Mamlin, Burke; McKowna, Brian; Musinguzi, Nicholas; Nyandiko, Winstone; Rotich, Joseph; Sidle, John; Siika, Abraham; Were, Martin; Wolfe, Ben; Wools- Kaloustian, Kara; Yeunga, Ada; Yiannoutsos, Constantin
2018-08Experiences and expectations of patients living with HIV on their engagement with care in Western KenyaWachira, Juddy; Becky, Genberg; Kafu, Catherine; Braitstein, Paula; Laws, Michael Barton
2016Factors Associated with Late Engagement to HIV Care in Western Kenya: A Cross-Sectional StudyKwobah, Charles Meja; Braitstein, Paula; Koech, Julius K.; Siik, Abraham M.; Mwangi, Ann W.
2023Factors influencing the implementation of evidence-based interventions with street-connected children and youth: two case studies from Eldoret, KenyaEbmleton, Lonnie; Di Ruggiero, Erica; Lachman, Jamie; Ayuku, David; Braitstein, Paula
2012Factors underlying taking a child to HIV care: implications for reducing loss to follow-up among HIV-infected and -exposed childrenWachira, Juddy; Braitstein, Paula; Vreeman, Rachel; Middlestadt, Susan E