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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-02-29Association between psychosis and substance use in Kenya. Findings from the NeuroGAP-Psychosis studyNguata, Monica; Orwa, James; Kigen, Gabriel; Kamaru, Edith; Wilfred Emonyi, Wilfred; Kariuki, Symon; Newton, Charles; Ongeri, Linnet; Mwende, Rehema; Gichuru, Stella; Atwoli, Lukoye
2021-09Association of care environment with HIV incidence and death among Orphaned, Separated, and Street-Connected children and adolescents in Western KenyaAtwoli, Lukoye; Ayuku, David; Sang, Edwin; Omar, Galárraga
2016Associations between lifetime potentially traumatic events and chronic physical conditions in the South African Stress and Health Survey: a cross-sectional studyAtwoli, Lukoye; Plat, Jonathan M.; Basu, Archana; Williams, David R.; Stein, Dan J.; Koen, Karestan C.
2016Clinical care of incarcerated people with HIV, viral hepatitis, or tuberculosisAtwoli, Lukoye
2022-11-05Cost utility of supporting family-based care to prevent HIV and deaths among orphaned and separated children in East Africa: a markov model–based simulationWilson-Barthes, Marta; Braitstein, Paula; DeLong, llison; Ayuku, David; Atwoli, Lukoye; Sang, Edwin; Gala´rraga, Omar
2020-10-26Developing ethical and sustainable global health educational exchanges for clinical trainees: implementation and lessons learned from the 30-Year academic model providing access to healthcare (AMPATH) partnershipTurissini, Matthew; Mercer, Tim; Baenziger, Jenny; Atwoli, Lukoye; Einterz, Robert; Gardner, Adrian; Litzelman, Debra; Ayuo, Paul
2022-01-18Efect of care environment on educational attainment among orphaned and separated children and adolescents in Western KenyaApedaile, Dorothy; DeLong, Allison; Sang, Edwin; Ayuku, David; Atwoli, Lukoye; Galárraga, Omar; Braitstein, Paula
2022Effect of care environment on educational attainment among orphaned and separated children and adolescents in Western KenyaApedaile, Dorothy; DeLong, Allison; Sang, Edwin; Galárraga, Omar; Braitstein, Paula; Ayuku4, David; Atwoli, Lukoye
2016The epidemiology of traumatic event exposure worldwide: results from the World Mental Health Survey ConsortiumAtwoli, Lukoye
2022-08Factor structure and item response of psychosis symptoms among Kenyan adultsAtwoli, Lukoye; Jaguga, Florence; . Kariuki, Symon M; Kwobah, Edith Kamaru
2021Genetic structure correlates with ethnolinguistic diversity in eastern and southern AfricaKigen, Gabriel; Atwoli, Lukoye; Daly, Mark
2021-04-13Harmful alcohol use among healthcare workers at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in KenyaJaguga, Florence; Kwobah, Edith; Mwangi, Ann; Patel, Kirtika; Kiptoo, Robert; Atwoli, Lukoye
2021-12Holistic healing: use of traditional medicine/Complementary alternative medicine in the context of HIV/AIDS in western KenyaKamaara, Eunice; Atwoli, Lukoye
2021-03-04The impact of care environment on the mental health of orphaned, separated and street-connected children and adolescents in Western Kenya: A prospective cohort analysisOmari, Felicita; Chrysanthopoulou, Stavroula A; Embleton, Lonnie E; Atwoli, Lukoye; Ayuku, David O; Sang, Edwin; Braitstein, Paula
2019Khat use and psychotic symptoms in a ruralKhat growing population in Kenya: ahousehold surveyOngeri, Linnet; Kirui, Fredrick; Muniu, Erastus; Manduku, Veronica; Kirumbi, Leah; Atwoli, Lukoye
2020Low-coverage sequencing cost-effectively detects knownand novel variation in underrepresented populationsMartin, Alicia R.; Atkinson, Elizabeth G.; Ashaba, Fred K.; Atwoli, Lukoye; Gichuru​, Stella; Injera, Wilfred E.; Kariuki​, Symon M.; Roxanne, James​; Kigen, Gabriel; Dodge, Sheila; Stevenson, Anne
2021-07Mental disorders among health care workers at the early phase of COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya; Findings of an online descriptive surveyKwobah, Edith Kamaru; Mwangi, Ann; Kirtika, Patel; Mwogi, Thomas; Kiptoo, Robert; Atwoli, Lukoye
2019Neuropsychiatric Genetics of African Populations-Psychosis (NeuroGAP-Psychosis): a case-control study protocol and GWAS in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa andUgandaAkena, Dickens; Stevenson, Anne; Stroud, Rocky E.; Atwoli, Lukoye
2016Post-traumatic stress disorder associated with life-threatening motor vehicle collisions in the WHO World Mental Health SurveysAtwoli, Lukoye
2017Post-traumatic stress disorder associated with natural and human-made disasters in the World Mental Health SurveysAtwoli, Lukoye