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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-21Community engagement to inform development of strategies to improve referral for hypertension: Perspectives of patients, providers and local community members in western KenyaNaanyu, Violet; Njuguna, Benson; Koros, Hillary; Andesia, Josephine; Kamano, Jemima; Mercer, Tim; Bloomfield, Gerald; Pastakia, Sonak; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Akwanalo, Constantine
2023-08-01Global implementation research capacity building to address cardiovascular disease: An assessment of efforts in eight countriesWeber, Mary Beth; Baumann, Ana A.; Rakhra, Ashlin; Akwanalo, Constantine; Adjei, Kezia Gladys Amaning; Andesia, Josephine; Apusiga, Kingsley; Ha, Duc A.; Hosseinipour, Mina C.; Muula, Adamson S.; Nguyen, Hoa L.; Price, LeShawndra N.; Ramirez-Zea, Manuel; Fitzpatrick, Annette L.; Fort, Meredith P.
2021-09-03Human-centered implementation research: A new approach to develop and evaluate implementation strategies for strengthening Referral networks for hypertension in western KenyaPillsbury, McKinsey M; Mwangi, Eunice; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Bloom, Gerald S; Chepchumba, Agneta; Kamano, Jemima; Mercer, Tim; Miheso, Juliet; Pastakia, Sonak D; Pathak, Shravani; Thakkar, Aarti; Naanyu, Violet; Akwanalo, Constantine; Vedanthan, Rajesh
2022-03-07Network characteristics of a referral system for patients with hypertension in Western Kenya: results from the strengthening Referral networks for management of Hypertension across the health system (STRENGTHS) studyThakkar, Aarti; Valente, Thomas; Andesia, Josephine; Njuguna, Benson; Miheso, Juliet; Merce, Tim; Mugo, Richard; Mwangi, Ann; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Eunice; Pathak, Shravani; Pillsbury, Mc Kinsey M; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet; Williams, Makeda; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Akwanalo, Constantine; Bloomfeld, Gerald S
2020-12-01Proactive prevention: Act now to disrupt the impending non-communicable disease crisis in low-burden populationsNjuguna, Benson; Fletcher, Sara L; Akwanalo, Constantine; Asante, Kwaku Poku; Baumann, Ana; Brown, Angela; Davila-Roman, Victor G; Dickhaus, Julia; Fort, Meredith; Lwelunmor, Juliet; Irazola, Vilma; Mohan, Sailesh; Mutabazi, Vincent; Newsome, Brad; Ogedegbe, Olugbenga; Pastakia, Sonak D; K Peprah, Emmanuel; Plange-Rhule, Jacob; Roth, Gregory; Shrestha, Archana
2019-06Strategies for effective stakeholder engagement in strengthening Referral networks for management of hypertension across health systems in KenyaAkwanalo, Constantine; Njuguna, Benson; Mercer, Tim; Pastakia, Sonak D; Mwangi, Ann; Dick, Jonathan; Dickhaus, Julia; Andesia, Josephine; Bloomfield, Gerald S; Valente, Thomas; Kibachio, Joseph; Pillsbury, Max; Shravani, Pathak; Thakaa, Aarti; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Kamano, Jemima; Naanyu, Violet
2023-08-08Types and outcomes of arrhythmias in a cardiac care unit in Western Kenya: A prospective study.Kiyeng, Joan; Akwanalo, Constantine; Sugut, Wilson; Barasa, Felix; Mwangi, Ann; Njuguna, Benson; Siika, Abraham; Vedanthan, Rajesh